Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement

Global Sapiens Translations Ltd. is a Language Service Provider company registered in England and Wales based in Peterborough, United Kingdom. On a daily basis we obtain, manage, process and store sensitive data about our clients and third parties. With this statement Global Sapiens Translations wish to reassure our clients that we take the matter of their privacy, and any confidential information they pass to us, very seriously. We make every effort to be compliant with the current legislation and are very respectful of our clients’ privacy and the information we are entrusted.

In line with UK and EU legislation regarding protection of personal data, like the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, The Data Protection Act 1998, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Global Sapiens Translations has a legal obligation to tell their clients how information about them is managed, stored, processed and ultimately disposed of.

When you send a document to Global Sapiens Translations Ltd for translation or transcription, or when you book an interpreter through us, several pieces of data may be passed to us that might identify you or third parties. This data is kept by Global Sapiens Translations in digital formats and is stored in our computers, servers or digital devices only for purposes of completing language services purchased by our clients, namely, translation, interpretation, or any language support related service. No information or data entrusted to Global Sapiens Translations is ever passed on or disclosed to any agencies, marketing companies or schemes or any third parties not directly involved in the delivery of language support services contracted by our client.

Likewise, we keep an encrypted database with our clients’ name, telephone number, address and email in our computers, servers, or cloud-based storage. This  data is used by Global Sapiens Translations to communicate with our clients in the course of our business. This information is never disclosed or passed on passed on to any agencies, marketing schemes or third parties under any circumstance.

When you conduct business with Global Sapiens Translations, we have a commitment with your privacy and the confidentiality of your content. All our linguists are bound to a code of practice requiring secrecy and confidentiality of the material they are assigned. We assume responsibility for the processing, storing and secure disposal of this information. If there is a requirement by you as our client for us to destroy or delete this data, we are able to and will delete any information we hold about you.

At Global Sapiens Translations we remain vigilant of any changes in the UK and EU legislation, as well as of any important legislation that may arise in any country where we conduct business, regarding protection of information held by us about our clients.

Global Sapiens Translations is your Language Service provider of choice.

Alvaro Palmieri