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Global Sapiens Translations is an innovative Language Service Provider serving the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas.
We are trusted by businesses and individuals to deliver translation and language solutions in more than 20 languages.
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More than 500 professional translators serving more than 20 languages. We guarantee accuracy, speed of service and adaptability to your budget. We deliver the best translation at the best rates.

Certified Translation

In compliance with UK legislation, all legal documents translated into English for use before authorities or government agencies in the UK come with our  certification of true and accurate translation.


Cultural nuances, specific local vocabulary, everything counts when you are aiming to address a specific audience. A  good translation may not be enough. We can adapt your content to suit specific demographics or local context.

Video Subtitling

We use the latest technology and the best translation techniques to make your tutorial, movie or institutional video available to an extra few million people!

Desktop Publishing

We can deliver your assignment in many popular software formats. We can work with maps, photos, graphics and diagrams. You will be impressed with the presentation of your document.


We offer direct linguistic support for meetings, factory tours, seminars, conferences, medical appointments, police interviews, court hearings.

Industries and Sectors

Over 30 years experience in Translation and Interpretation across many disciplines and industries

Law and Government


Patent Law


Oil and Gas

Tourism and Hospitality







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Our Languages

More than 20 Languages served! Our professional linguists and subject experts work tirelessly from all corners of the world to translate your document or content into your target language.

Spanish (EU and LatAm)

Portuguese (EU and Brazilian)

French (EU and Canadian)








Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin)


We assigned Global Sapiens Translations a large set of European manufacturing standards, they returned a translation of exceptional quality, you would have thought the translation was the actual original document!!!

A large manufacturer


Global Sapiens turned our hand written lists into impecable audit reports in perfect English, their presentation is without compare.

A large hotel


They worked quickly, very clear translation and the presentation was truly professional. I recommend these guys.

An economy journalist


The people at Global Sapiens translated a set of terms and conditions for a new product. They returned an excellent translation in just a couple of days!

An insurance services provider

Timely translation of a document into Bulgarian for our client.  We will use this agency again!

A lawyers firm


We have been sending all our work needing translation to Global Sapiens Translations. They always return work quickly, their translations are excellent, and their rates are very good. We are very happy. Ten out of ten.

A holiday tour operator


I trusted Global Sapiens with five large documents I had to have translated into English really quickly. This people are truly professional, they pay a lot of attention to detail.

A client applying for a tourist visa


Meet the Sapiens

Team hands

Our experienced team of translators and interpreters, aptly named "the Sapiens", combine proven linguistic skills acquired through university education in translation and many years of hands on experience, and the best team management to deliver the right language solution to meet the different needs for your organisation.

The Sapiens have translated many types of documents, including witness statements, court proceedings, emergency medical reports, surgical procedures, financial audit reports, product specifications, privacy policy statements, legal opinions, wills, press articles. Please call us to discuss your project, timings and costing.