Our Services

We will help you create accurate, clear, intelligent language solutions, no matter how large the document, no matter how complex the task: from a hand written manuscript or photograph to a large manual, we deliver perfect translation successfully, every time.


A professional approach to Translation. We are dedicated to accuracy and message transition. We offer speed of service, encrypted security, and, above all, a translation of high quality, a document that will read like written in the target language! From a handwritten note to technical spec sheets, Global Sapiens Translations offers you quality translation for your money.

These are but only a few examples of work our professionals at Global Sapiens have taken on to date.


  • Witness statements
  • Birth Certificates
  • Criminal records checks
  • Wills and testaments
  • Court decisions
  • University degrees and education certificates
  • Legal opinions
  • Affidavits
  • Contracts for services
  • Immigration and visa application documents
  • Powers of attorney

Certified Translation : All legal translations to be used in the United Kingdom will be issued with a signed certification of “true and accurate translation” on our company letterhead, in compliance with UK government requirements.

If your document is required for use by courts or institutions in any other country please specify this, we will be happy to establish cost and legal standards for acceptance for your translation.

If your document requires notarisation in the UK we will be happy to quote an applicable fee.


  • Medical evaluation reports
  • Emergency services reports
  • Laboratory testing results


  • Financial audit reports
  • Opinions on financial contexts or legislation
  • Consultancy reports on corporate processes and operations
  • New product release reports


  • Brochures
  • Product launch content
  • Customer service enquiries, emails
  • Posts on social media


  • Special education reports
  • Letters to parents
  • Test results reports
  • Degree certificates
  • Curriculum and grades


  • Product description spec sheets
  • Catalogues
  • Laboratory reports (bacteriological and chemical levels of work surfaces, food, water)
  • Pest control reports
  • Temperature control sheets
  • Commercial and stock inventories


  • Website content
  • Restaurant menus
  • Video subtitling, lip-sync dubbing, and voiceover


We help you eliminate the linguistic barrier between you and your client or audience

Simultaneous interpretation

For seminars and conferences, product launches, courses.

Consecutive interpretation

For medical visits, business meetings, police interviews, immigration  appointments or court appearances.

Telephone interpretation

For work interviews, immigration, commercial enquiries, customer services.

Our interpreters are fully trained linguists with appropriate subject matter experience and all required clearances.
We are based in Peterborough, United Kingdom. We cover Cambridge, Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester and London.

Our Approach to Machine Translation

global sapiens translations services peterborough Our Approach to Machine Translation

We use the latest translation professional software tools available, or Computer Assisted Translation software (CATs). These helps our translators verify and share terminology, transcribe figures and code with precision, save time avoiding retypes of pre-existent entries or terms and generate a documental knowledge base.

CAT software tools are not the same as Machine Translation (literal translation from a common database). We at Global Sapiens Translation do not use MT to produce accurate, professional translations. We do not allow a computer to make human choices. Every document translated by Global Sapiens Translations is thoroughly checked and approved by a Homo Sapiens! We do not use digital templates or models. Every translation is unique, like every human being.

Our Rates

Translation rates

Rates depend on language pair, word count, technical field, graphics and illustrations, and delivery timescales. We can agree a rate per 1000 words, or we will provide you with a competitive estimate free of charge.

Interpretation rates

Interpretation rates are set depending on the subject matter, the amount of hours the linguist will be needed, whether travel is required (within the UK or abroad), and on the availability of the right linguist working with that particular language pair.

global sapiens translations services peterborough Our rates

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